~ June 1st Offering ~

"June ~ thy beauty is a snare,
To waste time in visions rare;
Of vain dreaming,
oh, Beware!"
~ Caroline May 1887

::}}} Hello Friends & Folk {{{::
and happy June to you!

the Summer months hold promise of sweet & lazy days spent stitching outdoors for me ~
perhaps under our ancient Elder tree or on our farmhouse porch …
Wherever my day may find me,
I am usually day-dreaming about the young girls long-ago 
who may have stitched in the very same manner.

So it is with these thoughts that I offer you this inspired/reproduction 
of an antique sampler in my collection:

"Eliza Chace"

Thank You Kindly

using my own hand dyed 40ct Old Farmhouse Linen and cotton threads,
~ I worked this in the simplest manner…taking my only cue from the naive-ness of the original.

stitches used are cross over two, cross over one and algerian eyelet.
purposeful 'dropped' stitches were added for a charming old effect…

this sampler was severely stained with my spiced walnut dye, 
then patched using a sun-faded patch of salmon-colored cotton calico
and small haphazard linen stitches ~

the wooden frame was painted by me using a technique which I've developed
where it truly looks like a sampler found in a dusty attic…
with peeling paint, so chipped and worn.

~ Primitively perfect in every way ~

overall frame dimensions are 9-1/4" x 11-1/4"
sampler itself measures approx. 4-3/4" x 6"

Sampler comes to you under glass with a unique backing to protect it from dust.
~ signed & dated by me.

Sampler is SOLD ~ Thank You Kindly
"Eliza Chace" framed sampler ~ $165.00
{{ shipping included }}
Please email me at Notforgottenfarmwitch@gmail.com to purchase

Many thanks for visiting my page here on Early Work Mercantile,
I'll be back in July with more needful things for you!

::}}}}}} Lori {{{{{{::